Spud Murphy

Prologue, The Dagda

Prologue (The Dagda)

“…Ahhh no, are you dead?” He asked as he walked forward….”


The Hitchhiker Going to Hell short story

The Hitchhiker Going to Hell

“…Lady, are you alright?” I asked. “What the hell happened your neck, do you need medical attention?…”


Gene is Going to Die

“Don’t blame yourself she says, you’re dad and sister are in great hands, they’ll be fine”

Maybe she believes the lie, maybe she’s convinced herself over the years…”


Buddhism & Meditations

Daniel Ingram’s ‘Mastering the Core teachings of the Buddha’ is a tough nut to crack. The clue is literally in the rest of the title…’An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book’… Read More

Celtic Ponderings

Ireland’s Immortals – A History of the God of Irish Myths is another I’m tacking at the minute…Read More


Thomas Berry’s The Great Work left a last impression and the lessons it teaches might go a long way towards stopping humanity from killing itself…



Carl Jung’s popularity is soaring, largely thanks to the occultists and mystics embracing him. And that’s a great thing…