Robert Anton Wilson Meditation Experiment

I’ve been on a bit of a Robert Anton Wilson train of late. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s into the kinda stuff I’m into who isn’t a fan of old Bob. His lectures, interviews and books are incredible and I think I’ve kinda of figured out why he’s so appealing…to me anyway.… Continue reading Robert Anton Wilson Meditation Experiment

Blog · Stoicism

Marcus Aurelius and Quietening the Monkey Mind

Marcus Aurelius is a name familiar with us all and with Stoicism making a bit of a comeback over the last few years (what a weird thing to write, a philosophy making a comeback, well, y’know what I mean, there are tons of Stoic-themed podcasts and YouTube channels now) his name has become even more… Continue reading Marcus Aurelius and Quietening the Monkey Mind

Blog · Celtic

Ireland’s First Rap Battle

I am a son of Poetry Poetry son of Scrutiny, Scrutiny son of Meditation, Meditation son of Great Knowledge, Great Knowledge son of Enquiry, Enquiry son of Investigation, Investigation son of Great Knowledge Great Knowledge son of Great Sense, Great Sense son of Understanding, Understanding son of Wisdom, Wisdom, son of Three Gods of Skill. … Continue reading Ireland’s First Rap Battle

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Daniel Ingram in his book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha, defines ‘awakening’ as: …awakening is about understanding the fundamental nature of all sensate experiences, and what they happen to be is ultimately completely and utterly irrelevant to awakening. Thus, very awakened beings understand something fundamental about whatever arises or however their lives manifest,… Continue reading Meditations