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In a recent Rupert Spira video he said something along the lines that peace and happiness are the nature of our true being and that we share that being with everyone and everything. 

The nature of writing an article about such a thing would suggest an arguement against it. Not so today. Indeed, I think that wee sentence pretty much sums up all that I could ever say to anyone looking for advice while on their spiritual journey.

We’re fierce hard on ourselves, we come into this life kind of like a blank slate, although loaded with genetic biases that can click it at any moment, unconsciously (it seems), during our lifetimes and there are also genetic biases that will kick in depending on how we treat our bodies and minds and the enviornment we find ourselves in, or not as the case can also be. So, we have all those things going on that we don’t have much, if any, control over and then we pick up biases and prejudices in our noggins along the way and identify with them and we think we are these things that we’re obviously not when we actually investigate them.

Am I my name? Am I my nationality? Am I my university/career qualifications? Am I my sexuality? You can argue you are but when really investigated to the nth degree and the ‘my’ of the ego gets put aside then the answer is a firm ‘no’. I am not the things I’ve bought into thinking that I am. And that’s a weird thing to even comtemplate. Hold on a minute, I’m not X, Y and Z. What am I then?

If I am the person who has the thoughts and feelings and sensations that I have, then that’s what I am. Surely? Or am I the person experiencing the above and I’m not the things being thought? All sensations and feelings are just thoughts afterall and thoughts are, quite obviously, just thoughts but we take a wrong turn, or many wrong turns, when we identify with our thoughts. They are just that; thoughts, and when we see ourselves falling into the trap of identifying with them we can stop ourselves and try and trace them back to where they come from.

Let’s take a football fan, like me. I support Liverpool. Why? Well, I could speal off an answer that there’s a strong tradition of an Irish community in Liverpool and I identified with that. Or that during the 80s and 90s they had a strong contingent of good Irish footballers and that’s when I got into enjoying football. All easily identified with. But that’s not why I supprt them. The actual reason is pretty flimsy; the last pub I worked in was a kind of unoffical Liverpool supporters club (it was mostly a rugby pub but thank god for these football fans) and when their games were televised we’d have a decently-sized crowd of supporters coming in. Most of the staff also followed Liverpool, with one poor unfortunate soul supporting Man United, and feeling the sense of community that this pub gave to Dublin’s southside Liverpool supporters I became a part of this wee community. 

So, we can obviously see here that what happened was the ego saw a sense of belonging and wanted to be part of that. It deired to be part of something bigger than itself. The same logic can be applied to all of our individual biases, we see/hear/feel something and heed the call and now identify with that. 

But to go back to where I started; we’re fierce tough on ourselves. Because we fall into these different identities we have formed for ourselves, unwillingly, mostly, we stick a whole boatload of meaning on them and think we are those things. We all do it, we’d not be human if we didn’t. But many times we invest too much meaning into these identies and we cling to them because they’re what we think give our lives meaning and we grasp and cling and wrestle with them even when they cause harm to ourselves and our loved one. We stick by our guns because being stubborn is how to succeed…or so we’re lead to believe anyway.

We don’t really seem to love ourselves enough, instead we think we love what we ought to be or the states of mind that we think we ought to have. And this desire, this need for what is actually imaginary can never been satisfied because, well, it doesn’t exist. But if you show yourself some love then you can see these things we identify with are just thoughtforms we’ve held for too long and easing up on the reins can relieve a massive weight. 

As Spira says in the video; peace and happiness are our true nature, we all seem to know this deep down within ourselves too. But we trip up many times along the way and identify a path or a calling which we think will lead to these things. But they don’t and they can’t because they’re imaginary, they’re just thoughts we’ve clung too because we’ve gotten caught up in identifying with them. It’s in the stillness and calmness of being alone and suspending the ego and the different identies we have that we realise, oh hold on, now I get it, there’s peace and happiness here within and it’s been there all the time, I was just too caught up in my own head to see it. But it’s there and it’s always been there and always will be there and it’s on tap too.

And then the realisation comes, oh, wait, we all have this. We’re all peaceful and happy beings but we get caught up in what we think are ‘our’ thoughts and woah, suddenly we see that if we can all tap into that peace and happiness we can actually all be peaceful and happy. 

The paradox of all this is that it does start with the ego because it’s the ‘I’ who knows something is afoot; something is missing and what I thought was supposed to lead to happiness doesn’t. The ‘I’ knows there’s something deeper behind who we think we are. Often the toughest hurdle is first finding out who that I is, the you without the masks and in seeing that one you then realise there are many other masks we wear and you come to realise, a certain one has been distructive, for example, but I know now where it comes from and that’s compassion, and that’s learning to love and accept all the things we are even though they ultimately are just roles. And then we can do that to others around us and we learn to see the world like going from a short angel lense to a huge-wide-open view of things.

So to finish up then, give yourself some peace and happiness; peace and happiness is always here and waiting and it will wait for you.

A funny thing happened as I was about to post this yesterday, the host for the website had a wee fail and when reading back I felt the piece wasn’t finished. I opened Twitter then and the first post I saw was this:

…which I thought fit and while it does say to disregard all teachings and books and you can, of course, do this with all my words above, the message is the same; peace and happiness are found within.

Be not afraid


Blog, The Great Work

This might be the most far out thing I’ve written on this digital pages, so y’know, hold on to your butts; wubba lubba dub dub etc. Weirder than the Sophia experience? Well, that’s explainable, that was a mystical experience and a materialist would say it’s all in yer man’s head while a more spiritual person would say it was the universe expressing itself while knowing itself at the one time. This article came together while walking the hound and pondering on a question Tommie asked me on a recent podcast; you can listen/watch here; what’s the most synchronistic thing that’s happened to you.


Be not afraidI was caught on the spot and even though the podcast had, mostly, been about the phenomenon of synchronicity and really I should’ve seen the question coming from a mile off I hadn’t spent too much time about thinking about a decent answer. I resorted to the Holy Guardian Angel stuff but I always feel somewhat embarrassed about that; I fluked it really and there’s a bit of, I dunno, Irish-Catholic guilt there talking about it as it’s seen as such a huge event for people chasing it and I just lucked out. The synchs came thick and fast then but they’re almost too personal for anyone else to really ‘get’. Yes, of course, synchronisitic events are supposed to be personal but ones connected to one’s HGA aren’t going to convince anyone really. People who know you might believe but most of them won’t and skeptics sure as Jaysus certainly won’t even entertain the idea that some ethereal entity even exists. Because technically they don’t exist materially even though they do on another level.

While out walking the hound anyway, an idea did come to me and it would have made a good answer, although reading back on this it would have been an answer that would’ve been far too long so let’s instead turn it into an article and I’ll leave you lovely reader to ponder on what this string of coincidences were.

The Secret Chiefs

Way back in March of this year (2022) we took it upon ourselves to try and contact a member of the Secret Chiefs, the White Brotherhood (crap name), the Bodhisattvas of Shambhala; not a correct name but I like the ring of it. Anyway, please read about the Secret Chiefs if you’d like to but basically they’ve a bunch of somethings who oversee the morality of the cosmos and if you want to become enlightened then they can help you out. But they’ve kind of got to take a shine to you too. We were lucky that they, or at least one, has.

Now, since then we’ve undertaken a fair few, could you call them conversations (?) with one Secret Chief dude in particular you has identified himself as Black. In our first session on the day though we encountered something calling itself Simple which was, well, it was kind of like when you go for an interview and the receptionist gives you a bit of a going over before the main event.The Secret Chiefs

If this is all new to you and you’d like to listen to/watch these session you can here and if you’re skeptical then yes, you should be because I wouldn’t have believed all of this stuff until pretty recently but for most people the easiest way of explaining it is that it’s basically clairvoyance sessions, but different. We’re not looking to be told the future; we’re looking for a hand on the spiritual path and this is the job of the Bodhisattvas; to help all sentient beings achieve enlightenment. In our first session (listen/watch here) we asked questions and got answers. We’ve since taken on a new tack of asking less questions and giving more time for answers but at the time we were eager beavers and just a wee bit petrified that World War III has just began.

I asked the following questions, among others. This was during the first session:

Q Do you have any powers of prophecy..? A: Out of order, solution, last night a beer
Q How long more before Putin in court of law? A: You can, Spud, 4 and 7, waiting…

Now, I was pretty happy at the time to hear this. Scummy Vlad was going to face the music on August 4th, or April 7th. Whoop. Well, not really because, of course, this didn’t happen, although August is approaching so, y’know, fingers crossed. But looking at this again can’t we see he’s still answering the previous question? Do you have any powers of prophecy or forseeing? You can, Spud, 4 and 7…


When someone says 4 and 7 to me, it’s 11 isn’t it? It’s as simple as that. But why wouldn’t he just say 11 in that case? Why make it something difficult to interpret? Well, that’s kind of the beauty of these things, you are given answers but it’s for you, and others, to put things together and uncover the meaning of them. I know it’s bad English grammar but I’m going to continue using 4 and 7 rather than the words, sorry, not sorry. It would have to mean August fourth then wouldn’t it? Well, no and we’ll see why and thanks to a few of the regular listeners on the AIWW Discord they pointed out, naw man, 4 and 7 is April 7th. Was something going to happen on April 7th? Q Powers of prophecy..?A: You can, Spud, 4 and 7, waiting…. I had to wait it would seem.

Let’s take a detour though to 4 and 7 or 4+7=11. Thanks to a wonderful new friend I’ve met thanks to the podcast, hat tip to Gene, he gifted me a book by the Thelemic giant Kenneth Grant called Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God. You’ll all know my battles with Crowley, if you don’t, well suffice to say that I like the ideas and goals of Thelema and what it wanted to do but Crowley’s behaviour just wasn’t befitting of a prophet. I like my prophets morally sound and just and kind, like I’d imagine Terence McKenna was or Ram Dass. But that aside he was the single greatest expert on the Western Magic(k)al/Spiritual Tradition. Hands down.


Let’s get freaky then and talk about 11. Our first port of call is the word Abrahadabra. This word appears first in Crowley’s (Aiswass’) Book of the Law, the central text of Crowley’s Thelema. The word signifies the ‘word of the Aeon’ (the new Aeon of Horus) and signifies the accomplishment of The Great Work. In numerical terms, gematria anyway, the numbers come out at 418, the number of the Great Work. Abrahadabra has 11 letters. Also in the Book of the Law, Nuit says “My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us”. She’s (?) talking here about members of the A∴A∴, the Order of the Silver Star. According to Grant’s book, “Nuit is the Great Outside, represented as Infinite Space and Infinite Stars thereof. We see another 11 there in the two infinites and adding the s’ we see Isis. Nuit is infinite space, Isis terrestrial space, illuminated by the stars in Egyptian mythology.

11 is a number shunned by Kabbalists. there are 10 sefirot on the Tree of Life, the 11th would be what is cast off by the other 10, the unbalanced chaos of the ‘other’. This is the Qliphoth. However, as Grant writes “man has to triumph over these unbalanced forces in his own nature before he can become a master magician.” In psychological terms then we must undergo Carl Jung’s Individuation to “divest the self of its false wrappings of the persona, the mask the personality uses to confront the world, and the suggestive power of numinous unconscious contents” to become our full, or best, selves. The number 11 was of ultimate importance to Crowley as his new Aeon was about transcending what had come before and moving towards an enlightened future.

ken grant, aleister crowley and the hidden godLater Grant writes “The secret seal of the A∴A∴ is an elevenfold star, again the One beyond 10. The word of the law announced by Aiwass is Thelema (Will) and it is expressed in the Book of the Law in the eleven-worded precept ‘Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law'”.

Now, I didn’t know all of these things at the time and while I’d still have my skeptical head on with quite a good deal of this stuff, it’s nonetheless interesting to note the correspondences that go with 11 and why the number is important in Thelemetic terms. Why wasn’t 11 just said? Well, because I had to go digging into why adding different ideas together (4+7) was important and finding the meaning of all the different connotations for 11 above.

After the session then nothing much happened for a while and I awaited April 7th not sure of what, if anything to expect. Boy, oh boy, some strange things happened. What follows is a message I sent to two friends who are experts in Thelema being Thelemites themselves. I’ve edited it a bit to make it easier to read but I’ve kept it as close to the original as possible:

So in one of the early rituals we were given the number 4&7. I had asked a question about the war…but it was probably answering an earlier question…here they are.

Q Powers of prophecy..? Out of order, solution, last night a beer
Q How long more before Putin in court of law? You can, Spud, 4 and 7, waiting…

So, yea 4 and 7, means fuck all to me but someone points out, 4 and 7 is April 7th
Ole, I thought, Putin’s gonna get a bullet in the head…



Note: On April 7th, the EU and the UN held two important votes regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We saw a strange mirror of the number 93, a number synonymous with Thelema. The EU Parliament voted for more sanctions against Russia’s government and Russian citizens. In the EU vote a huge majority voted in favour of a fifth-round of sanctions while 93 sitting members either voted against or abstained. There are 751 members of the European Parliament. In the UN vote it was the other way around, 93 countries voted to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. Let’s carry on…

So, there were those two 93 numbers, the EU embargo and the UN voting and ha, funny coincidence.
That night I went back to read my Bhagavad-Gita book where I left off, chapter 8 to start chapter 9 and it begins with 3 verses…

Note, the Verses:

The Supreme Lord said: O Arjun, because you are not envious of Me, I shall now impart to you this very confidential knowledge and wisdom, upon knowing which you will be released from the miseries of material existence.

This knowledge is the king of sciences and the most profound of all secrets. It purifies those who hear it. It is directly realizable, in accordance with dharma, easy to practice, and everlasting in effect.

People who have no faith in this dharma are unable to attain Me, O conqueror of enemies. They repeatedly come back to this world in the cycle of birth and death.

They about where Krishna tells Arjuna that the next bit of the teaching is the most important, the raja-vidya, or bhakti yoga, which is devotional practices to God which can release us from karmic rebirth.

Note: I admitted here to the guys I was…
OK, (I’m) reaching a little there but still a coincidence…

Then before bed I watched the Dmitry Peskov Sky News interview, and it had 9.3K views…hmmm.
Then when I was going to bed I was thinking about something Dr (not a medical Dr) Stephen Skinner said in that interview in the book shop (Watkins) about a spell/working he did to get things back from people who had stuff belonging to him…
I don’t know the spell/working, I don’t do spells but just thought about this idea of getting something that was owed to me for a while and went asleep.

The Sworn Book of HonoriusThis morning, this arrives…and I’d ordered it before Christmas…I had given up on it and the seller had even refunded me the money…The book is The Sworn Book of Honorius.

…there’s more…

I woke up today (note: morning of April 8th) and with the kids at home sick I didn’t need to take them to school, so I dozed off again and (you’ll prob know from podcats that in this liminal awake/asleep time I’ve had most of my mystical experiences) so I heard this English voice, a man’s voice, a bit posh, anyway it’s always a woman in my things, never heard a male voice before and he said “All that’s left my boy is the conflation of the Holy Son and the Amen Mother”

I told Tommie and he sent me these recordings; in recordings six & seven it sounds similar but I wouldn’t say the same.

Finally then, April 8th, what its significance? Well, any follower of Thelema worth his salt will tell you: The Feast for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law is observed on April 8, 9 and 10. April 8th was the first day he began writing/channeling the Book of the Law.
All of these things just add up to far too many coincidences and it boggles my mind that so many connected things just all fell into place over a very, very strange 24 hours that I’m still picking apart over three months later.