The Great Work

The Silent Thread

Where I examine something called ‘the silent knowing’ and the different names it has been called since ancient times.




The Hero and Victim of Awakening

The roles we identify with are both a help and a hindrance when it comes to the spiritual path. We are both the heroes and the victims on the journey.





Peace & Love…man

In a recent Rupert Spira video he said something along the lines that peace and happiness are the nature of our true being and that we share that being with everyone and everything.



Cosmic gift

A Meagre Gift

An old car, my grandad and some oats all in a dream where I meet myself but a different self.

When I awoke I wrote the words that came…




The Empire Never Ended

A dystopian novel or film is never really about the future, it’s about what’s happening now…isn’t it?



Michael Jordan

Samadhi Jam

Watching The Last Dance recently it ended with a Pearl Jam song. A song about living in the moment; something the Bulls practiced to become champions…



Be not afraid


April 7th was a strange day, a strange day I was told to wait for and the synchs were off the charts.



Satan and the Angel

When Satan visits you in a dream what do you do? When an angel makes you feel like sh!t what do you do? You persevere until you find out what to do.


Black of the Secret Chiefs

On Monday 13th June 2022, we again contacted Black of the Third Order, the Secret Chiefs, the Bodhisattvas, the White Lodge.


Reincarnation in Different Religions

Reincarnation in different religions as well as spiritual and magical traditions both Eastern and Western.


Imagine Being Original

How can you be so low on confidence that you struggle to write yet have the arrogance to think you have to be original because you’re supposed to be unique?



What is True Will?

Thanks to the nonsensical, rampaging capitalist society we now live in many conflate this idea with what career they think they should have.


persephone and aphrodite

We Find Meaning Where We Want To, Don’t We?

We can all agree we put our own meaning onto what we see, hear, read and interact with but are we ever given something to understand?


god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, the sciences, magic, messenger and recorder of the deities, master of knowledge, and patron of scribes

Thoth Be, or Not Thoth Be

When is an Egyptian god not an Egyptian god? What’s the difference between a fractal and a mandala? So many questions, so few answers.



…And God is Empty Just Like Me

Meister Eckhart, Is-Ness, Rupert Spira and Peter Kingsley walk into a bar…


Lego Executioner

Spud Must Die

“and now, the end is near and so I face…”


Divine providence


“Providence is given to those who take it.”




Virgin Mary LGBTQ

Mary and the Magus

The rank of the Magus speaks of attaining wisdom and focusing on self-transcendence. This has brought back some childhood memories of some strange experiences.




Jesus Christ at the temple

Jesus Christ, the Child

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas tells us about the life of Jesus as a boy. When Jesus the Child was good he was good but when he was bad. Oh man, he was bad.




What does ‘Man Up’ Mean?

What does ‘Man Up’ Mean? Let’s have a look at the Four Virtues of ancient philosophy explain why the phrase ‘man up’ is the opposite of ‘toxic masculinity’.




Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius and Quietening the Monkey Mind

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and a Stoic Philosopher. Here I look at one of the most famous passages from his Meditations.




An Encounter with Sophia

She can go by many names; Sophia, Shekhinah, Babalon, Shakti, Shiva and The Divine Mother among others. She spoke to me in a vision. What an experience it was!




Ireland’s First Rap Battle

In Ireland most rap battles are done without a beat. So it’s akin to poetry. In this article I delve into Ireland’s oldest poem; the Colloquy of the Two Sages.





By being alive right here, right now and experiencing it; that’s touching the surface of the waters of eternity, that great big Sea of Infinity..